Spacious & Comfortable:
Marianna's Music Studio is not only a great place to get quality music instruction from an educated professional, it's also a pleasant learning environment. The spacious, comfortable, attractive atmosphere creates quite a different experience from the cramped, claustrophobic, closet-like lesson rooms of a typical commercial music studio.
A Virtual Tour of
Marianna's Music Studio 
This is NOT a typical music studio.
Camera Surveillance:
Parents can rest assured that they may view their children's lessons at   anytime. The practice room itself is large enough for parents to stay inside during a lesson, and watch from a comfortable living room couch. Alternatively, parents may watch and listen to their child's lessons via camera surveillance from our comfortable lobby. 

Materials Included:
Lesson prices at Marianna's Music Studio include most practice materials, including sheet music, practice recordings, and more. In addition, Mrs. Benedict will often make courtesy trips to music supply stores to get any additional materials and/or equipment that a student may need.
Fully Equipped:
Marianna's Music Studio is fully equipped to meet the varied needs of students. The studio features 3 pianos, an electronic keyboard, an extensive music library, an extensive library of recordings, microphones, sound equipment, recording equipment, and more. 
28 Colt Court, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
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