2016 NYSSMA Results
2016 NYSSMA Score Averages:

Voice, Lev 1-4: 27/28 Points (Outstanding)
Voice, Lev 5-6: 97% (A+)

Piano, Lev 1-4: 26/28 Points (Outstanding)

Violin, Lev 1-4: 28/28 Points (Outstanding)
Violin, Lev 5-6: 100% (A+)
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Notable Quotes from the Judges' Comments:


"You have a beautiful voice! Rhythms and pitches were excellent ... Great performance!

"You have a nice, bright tone that is excellent on this piece!"

"Sight reading: Excellent job, steady tempo and good stepwise motion!"

"Excellent Job... intonation is strong ... You're confident and in control - stage presence is strong and I can tell you love to sing. Keep up the excellent work."

"Excellent consonants, very well articulated! Your posture is also quite tall and confident!"

"What great stage presence! It looked like you had such a great time singing. This song was perfect for you."

"You had a wonderful tone and were not challenged with any of the higher notes."

"Your posture was relaxed but perfectly straight to enable your beautiful tone to shine through! Keep singing!"

"SR (Sight Reading) #1 - Perfect - Awesome!"

"Your voice has wonderful clarity and accuracy of intonation."

"Breath support was strong. Diction was beautifully precise. You were well prepared for this challenging piece of literature."

"You have a lovely, light and pure sound... Great breath control. Good diction (Italian). Nice interpretation. Very expressive."

"Great job on this piece! You have a beautiful open tone to your voice... Good breath support."

"You prepared this piece very well."

"Your pretty voice has fine clarity... Diction was excellent."


"Wow-Wee! What a lovely, well-prepared performance! All by memory too! Bravo!"

​"Congratulations on your perfect score!! I look forward to hearing you play again Emily!!"

"Smooth legato and use of the pedal are a perfect pair. Your hands are very graceful in their playing. Nice dynamic levels also."

"What a fun and well-prepared piece! I loved your crisp staccato and accents! Nice salsa tempo! Good rhythm, very nice."

"Legato and staccato sound awesome. I love that you held out all those whole notes while the melody played."

"A perfectly prepared piece. You should be very proud of yourself and all your hard work."

"Outstanding performance = super musical talent"

"Coordination of both hands - very good. All rhythms + notes were correct...Overall great job!"

"Scales... very good - curved fingers. Keep up the good work."


"Overall, this was an outstanding musical performance. You have a bright musical future."

"You have a clean, forward, sweet, mature tone and a lovely vibrato..."

"All the rhythms are accurate."

"I especially like your careful attention to dynamic contrast and phrasing. Very musical. Trills nicely done."