2015 NYSSMA Results
2015 NYSSMA Score Averages:

Voice, Lev 1-4: 27/28 Points (Outstanding)
Voice, Lev 5-6: 99% (A+)
Voice, Vocal Jazz: 97% (A+)

Piano, Lev 1-4: 27/28 Points (Outstanding)
Piano, Lev 5-6: 97% (A+)

Violin, Lev 1-4: 27/28 Points (Outstanding)
Violin, Lev 5-6: 100% (A+)
All classes taught by Marianna Benedict, B.A. in Music Performance
Marianna's Music Studio 28 Colt Court, Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY
Professional Private Music Lessons for all ages & styles.
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Notable Quotes from the Judges' Comments:


"You have a lovely, strong voice with a very nice vibrato. Intonation is excellent. Your sound is very well supported."

"Good facial expression and use of gestures. You obviously worked on stage presence."

"Your voice and projection are very mature for a 7th grader."

"You have a lovely soprano tone quality, clear and projected both high and low.

"German diction was great."

"Nice clarity in your tone. Tone is well projected."

"Nice Italian diction."

"Your performance shows a sense of musicality and showing the meaning of the text."

"Great sight reading!"

"Thank-you for singing a great jazz classic this evening. You have a bright, expressive voice which you use very well to articulate jazz phrases and melodies."


"Enjoyed listening to all those fabulous colorful dynamic contrasts of softer to loud and musical attached phrases across the line! Great performance! Thank your parents and teacher for their support!"

"Great steady beat played with agile fingers and hands."

"Terrific triplets & syncopation!"

"Thank you for playing this Chopin Waltz for me today. You're off to a lovely start - defined grace notes - Articulation of each note clear - Nice phrasing - Good balance between hands."

"Well played. This was a beautifully prepared piece. You should be proud of yourself"

"What a fun, well prepared performance! I loved your crisp staccato and accents! Nice, flowing tempo, solid rhythm, great notes, very nice 2 hand scales!"

"Fantastic steady boogie beat played with flexible hands and fingers!"

"Musical attached phrases across the line in fabulous color + contrast!"


"Vivaldi- I love your bright, energetic tempo + playing! Nice use of your entire bow to bring out various dynamics + styles of bowings (legato vs. staccato, etc.)."

"Scales - well done."

"You have a great command of this piece - notes are well in your fingers (esp. in this tricky key of g minor), bowings were beautifully executed + rhythms were perfect."

"This was a very strong and musically well played performance! Congrats! I hope I have the opportunity to hear you again! Bravo!"

"Nice spirited style and tempo. Thank you for playing an excellent performance."

"Scales - excellent."

"I especially like your careful attention to dynamic contrasts. Very musical."

"All the intonation and notes are accurate"

"Overall, this was an outstanding performance. Congratulations!"