2014 NYSSMA Results
2014 NYSSMA Score Averages:

Voice, Lev 1-4: 27/28 Points (Outstanding)
Voice, Lev 5-6: 97% (A+)

Piano, Lev 1-4: 27/28 Points (Outstanding)
Piano, Lev 5-6: 96% (A)

Violin, Lev 1-4: 28/28 Points (Outstanding)
Violin, Lev 5-6: 99% (A+)
All classes taught by Marianna Benedict, B.A. in Music Performance
Marianna's Music Studio 28 Colt Court, Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY
Professional Private Music Lessons for all ages & styles.
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Notable Quotes from the Judges' Comments:

​"What a beautiful, clear and focused voice you have."

"your German pronunciation was perfect. Congratulations to you and your teacher!"

"You took energized, low breaths from your diaphragm, which enabled you to get through those long phrases with ease and grace."

"SR (sight-reading) PERFECT!"

"You have a beautiful tone and good projection/intonation"

"Your French was impeccable. You sang the melody and notes with deep expression and feeling!"

"You sang great and I enjoyed every moment listening to you."

"You have an angelic voice."

"Nice work with your diction. I understood every word!"

"Your pure, clear voice worked nicely with this song."

"Intonation and breathe support were terrific!"

"You have a lovely tone quality, rich and projected - Italian vowels and diction great. All notes and rhythms accurate."

"You sing with great expression and style.

"You provided a lovely interpretation of this song. Your singing style, combined with attention to meaningful phrasing and expressive delivery helped to truly deliver the essence of the lyrics."

"You are an amazing singer and artist as you perform this very challenging NYSSMA solo."

"You have lots of power in your voice!"

"A lovely, rich, warm voice, lyrical and melodious. Nice - you are using 'vibrato' bel canto style."


"Just a wonderful, well prepared solo! Bravo!"

"Pianistic, steady pulse. Flexible hands and fingers, nicely positioned. Good use of pedal. Accurate notes in the key of G Major! Lovely triplets flowing fluently across the keyboard and very impressive...Bravo...Artistic"

"I love the legato in the left hand - the gentle back and forth motion while the RH (right hand) melody sang above it. Nicely done. You gave a performance to be proud of!"

"A thoroughly enjoyable performance!"

"Your 8th notes are even and the tempo is perfect - Great use of the pedal, the notes are wonderfully legato - very connected and flowing."

"This was such an elegant performance Julia! .... Great job!"

"Nice balance between your hands ... I really like your phrasing in this movement."

"Wow... musical and pianistic fingers and hands on those 4 note chords with accidentals, staccato notes and appoggiaturas."

"Great introduction, tempo and rhythm! Staccato, legato and all phrasing done really well!"

"A sweet song from a sweet girl! This was a pleasure to listen to. Nice balance between hands. Well done on both of your songs!"

"Wonderfully done - Perfect triplets, perfect tempo, perfect everything!!"

"You're off to a great start as a talented young pianist!"

"Nice, flowing tempo, good use of pedal and dynamics. Expressive! Solid rhythm and lovely legato phrases. Very nice."

"Just a wonderful, well-prepared performance! Bravo!"

"Scales nicely done."

"good phrasing and good, crisp staccatos. Nice dynamics. This was a wonderful performance"


"Scales - very well played. Shifts well done."

"Your intonation continues to be quite good always."

"Scales - Lovely. Shifts were so accurate!"

"Your intonation is absolutely stunning!"

"Your interpretation is lovely... Your style is so well defined in all registers... Bravo! "

"Perfect sight-reading with dynamics too!"

​"Good scales - you have a good tone quality"

​"Scales - The intonation is correct."

"You perform with a big, full sound. The tempo is great. The dynamic shadings add to the dramatics of the solo."

"The sixteenth notes are even and clearly performed. Intonation is fantastic! Thank you for playing for me!"