2013 NYSSMA Results
2013 NYSSMA Score Averages:

Voice, Lev 1-4: 27/28 Points (Outstanding)
Voice, Lev 5-6: 98% (A+)

Piano, Lev 1-4: 27/28 Points (Outstanding)
Piano, Lev 5-6: 97% (A+)

Violin, Lev 1-4: 28/28 Points (Outstanding)
Violin, Lev 5-6: 99% (A+)
All classes taught by Marianna Benedict, B.A. in Music Performance
Marianna's Music Studio 28 Colt Court, Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY
Professional Private Music Lessons for all ages & styles.
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Notable Quotes from the Judges' Comments:

​"You have a sweet sound"

"Excellent SR (sight-reading)"

"How charming - you SOLD the song. Your voice is lovely and your Italian is EXCELLENT!"

"Keep up the good work & thank your teacher - Excellent sight-reading. You are a star."

"Very well done! You have a lovely voice that is well supported."

"It was a pleasure to hear your very natural and sweet tone as you sang today."

"You did a fine job with your lyrics - your diction was quite easy to understand."

"You did a nice job with your facial expression and stage presence as you delivered the song."

"Congratulations to you and your teacher."

"It was a true treat to hear your well-supported, consistently focused and agile tone quality."

"Your diction was quite crisp, clear and easy to understand despite the range of pitches that you need to cover in this song."

"Great performance of a challenging piece. Excellent German. You have a nice grasp of head voice and the Baroque style."

"Good tone projection"

"All notes and rhythms accurate - nice expression and phrasing"

"French was great."


"Excellent! You have played superbly tonight. Congratulations."

"you are so well prepared"

"Perfect scales!"

"Excellent job! BRAVA!"

"Dynamics were wonderful"

"Accurate rhythm, steady tempo, overall well-prepared solo!"


"You play the violin beautifully!"

"Excellent left hand technique."

"in tune and in control"

"well performed"

"double stops are quite good"

"intonation is great!"

​"Excellent job with your tricky bowings"

"SR (sight-reading)- Perfect!"

"your intonation is wonderful!"