2011 NYSSMA Results
2011 NYSSMA Score Averages:

Voice, Lev 1-4: 26/28 Points (Outstanding)
Voice, Lev 5-6: 98% (A+)

Piano, Lev 1-4: 26/28 Points (Outstanding)
Piano, Lev 5-6: 92% (A-)

Violin, Lev 1-4: 27/28 Points (Outstanding)
Violin, Lev 5-6: 98% (A+)
Notable Quotes from the Judges' Comments:


Great projection ... wonderful performance ...outstanding sight-reading. Keep it up!

You have a sweet, clear voice with excellent intonation. I do believe I hear a vibrato starting in there. Good for you!

Well done. You have a very mature voice for a 6th grader!

This is a tough piece to do in 8th grade. Nice work.

... you seemed to enjoy what you were singing, therefore I enjoyed seeing & hearing you.


You really make the music soar!

Audiences will be WOW'ed by your talents!

Wow! What a well-prepared piece. Your legato articulation & dynamics were beautiful.

You put lovely expression into the piece. It sounded like you enjoyed it. I certainly did!

BRAVA! What an amazing pianist you are!

A very musical interpretation. My congratulations to you and your teacher on an awesome audition.

Thank-you for playing so wonderfully tonight! You play so gracefully & sweetly!

A super, well-prepared solo.


Just lovely! Great tone! So well done!

Musically Mozart! Amadeus is smiling.

Great job to you and your teacher!

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