"O Zittre Nicht" 
Marianna Benedict, soprano
(recorded in 2008)

The Queen of the Night's
 2nd Aria from Mozart's 
"The Magic Flute"
                 About this Song:

"O Zittre Nicht" is an aria from the German opera, "The Magic Flute" by W.A. Mozart, one of his most popular works. The aria is sung by the character The Queen of the Night, who pleads with the young prince Tamino to rescue her daughter Pamina from her captor, Sarastro. During the aria, the Queen recalls the events of her daughter's abduction, then promises Tamino that the beautiful Pamina will be his forever if he is brave enough to rescue her.
O tremble not, my dear son. 
You are innocent, wise, and pious.
A young man such as you, 
can best console a mother's grieving heart.

Suffering is my lot,
for my daughter is not with me.
Through her I've lost all happiness;
a villain made off with her!
I still see her trembling with alarm and shock,
shaking with panic, struggling in fear.
I had to see her stolen from me,
"Ah help!" was all she cried.
But her pleading was in vain,
for my help was too weak. 

You will go and free her,
you will be my daughter's rescuer!
And if I see you are victorious,
then she shall be yours forever!
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